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 Drawings Index

Workshop Drawings.

Traction Engine  Drawings.

Boiler Fitting Drawings.

Countrymans Steam Designs.

Locomotive Drawings.

Scale  Drawings.

Workshop Drawings.

WE 2

High Speed Sensitive Drilling Machine.

WE 3

Universal Swivelling Bench Vice.

WE 4

WE 5

WE 6

WE 7

WE 8

Sawing & Filing Attachment For The Lathe.

Power Driven Hacksaw Machine.

Tailstock Turret With 6 Tool Positions.

M. E. Spray Gun Mark II.

Boring & Facing Head.

WE 9

Bending Rolls. ( Gears Available From Us ).

WE 11

Light Vertical Milling Machine.

WE 12

Milling Attachment For Valve Gear Links.

WE 19

Twist Drill Grinding Jig.

WE 21

Small Linishing Machine.

WE 22

Universal Pillar Tool.

WE 23

Retracting Top Slide.

WE 38

Quick Change Toolpost.

WE 40

Hardness Testing Instrument.

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Traction Engine  Drawings.

(Please Note TE3 To TE10 Are Accurate General Arrangements Only.)

TE 3

TE 4

TE 5

TE 5a

TE 5b

TE 6

TE 7

Wilson's "Farmers Engine" Of 1849 By W.J.Hughes Based On The Prototype Design By R.Willis.

MARSHALL 7 N.H.P. Genral Purpose Engine. 1 1/2" Scale By W.J.Huges.

Fowler "Big Lion" Model Drawn By W.J.Huges.

Arrangement & Details Of Showman's Fittings.

Arrangement & Details Of Crane.

Avelling & Porter Type "F". Compound Road Roller. 1 1/2" Scale By W.J.Huges.

Marshall 5 Ton Single Cylinder Steam Tractor 1 1/2" Scale By W.J.Hughes.

TE 8

Engine For Marshall 5 Ton Compound Steam Tractor in 2" Scale. For Tractor Details See TE7. By W.J.Hughes.

TE 9

FOSTER SHOWMAN ROAD Locomotive Of 7 N.H.P. 1 1/2" Scale By W.J.Hughes.

TE 10

TE 12

Ransomes Compound 6 N.H.P. 1 1/2" Scale By W.J.Hughes.

Superheater Boiler For 3" Scale Traction Engine. By Martin Evans.

TE 14

Avelling & Porter Compound Steam Road Roller. 2" Scale Type AD Described By J. Haning in "M.E" Vols 140-141.

TE 15

Accessories For Model Traction Engines In 1 1/2" Scale. Lamps, Shovels & Buckets Etc.

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Boiler Fitting Drawings.

LO 29

Steam Brake Suitable For 5" G. Locos. By Martin Evans.

LO 30

Twin Ram Mechanical Lubricator For 1" To 1 1/2" Scale Locos. By Martin Evans.

LO 33

Single Ram Mechanical Lubricator For 5" G. Locos & " Firefly".

LO 34

Mechanical Lubricator For 2 1/2" & Small 3 1/2" G. Locos. By Martin Evans.

LO 35

Twin Ram Lubricator For 1" To 1 1/2" Scale Locos. Alternative Design To L30.

LO 36

Hand Pumps For 3 1/2" & 5" Gauge Locos Described By Martin Evans In "M.E" Vol 127.

LO 37

LO 38

LO 42

LO 44

Injectors For 3 1/2" & 5" Gauge Locomotives

Bogie Passenger Car For 5" Gauge By Martin Evans.

Standard Locomotive Boiler Fittings 3/4" Scale. By Martin Evans. "M.E" Vol 129.

Mechanical Lubricator With Adjustable Output. For 3/4" To 2" Scale Locos.

LO 48

Standard Boiler Fittings For 5" Gauge Locos. Regulator, Water Gauge & Manifold Etc.

LO 84

Westinghouse Brake. Details Of Pump Reservoir, Brake Valve, Engine & Tender Brake Cylinder

LO 86

Vertical Test Boiler. Showing Cross Section Of Boiler Fire Box, Tubeplate & Superheater.


Vacuum Brakes. A Well Proven Working Brake Design By Brian Hughes. 3 Drawings

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Countrymans Steam Designs By John Haining.

Traction Engine & Implements.

TE 18

3" Scale Suffolk Steam Dredging Tractor With Steel Boiler.

B. B.

Fowler Class BB Compound Ploughing Engine With Copper Boiler, 2" Scale.

J. F.

TE 24

Supplementary Sheets For Fowler Class AA7 Compound Ploughing Engine.

Dairy Engine. Vertical Single Cylinder Portable. Copper Boiler, 2" Scale.

TE 27

Ruston Proctor 3 Ton S/C Class SD Steam Tractor, 2" Scale.



Sentinel D.G. Copper, 2" Scale.


Vertical Multitubular 5" O / Dia Copper.

H.C /1

Horizontal Centre Flue 5 1/2" O/D Copper. Blow Lamp Or Gas Firing.

H.C /2

Horizontal Centre Flue 5 1/2" O/D Copper. Coal Firing.

Implements 2" Scale.

TE 21

Ransomes Class A Thrasher, 2" Scale.


T. 2

T. 3

T. 4

TE 25

TE 26

Ransomes Three Furrow Steerage Plough.

Self Moving Anchor.

Fowler Mole Draining Plough.

Fowler 6 Furrow Balance Plough.

Road Rolling Contractors Living Van.

Fowler Water Cart.

TE 29

Steel Boiler Welding Standards.

TE 31

Straw Elevator.

TE 32

Scatter Mill

    These Implements Used With The Engines Listed
    All Perform The Same WorkAs The Full Size Tackle.
    Detailed List Of The Drawings For Each Of The Above
    Engines Available On Request.

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Locomotive Drawings.

CARIBOU  3 1/2"

BUFFALO  3 1/2"


FIREFLY  3 1/2"

MABEL  3 1/2"





LO 40

LO 41

LO 32

LO 31

LO 97

LO 66

LO 67

LO 958

LO 950

Small Gauge Locomotive Drawings.

The Following designs Are For "Live Steam" Locomotives For
The Builder With Limited Facilities. They Are Too Small To Be
Considered As Serious Passenger Haulers.

Southern Belle

Royal Scot

Green Arrow

LO 948

LO 937

LO 939

Scale Drawings.

We Now Have Scale BR Drawings Packed With Detail For 4 Locos.


LNER A4 4-6-2 Pacific.

LMS Class 2 2-6-2 Tank.

Britannia BR Class 7.

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