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Blackgates Catalogue
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Traction Engines.


Durham & North Yorkshire

Designed in 2" Scale By John Haining.
Model Of 6HP Traction Engine. Principle Dimensions Lenght 30 3/4",
Height 22", Rear Wheels 11" Dia. Front Wheels 7" Dia .
Single Cylinder 1 3/8" Bore x 2" Stroke. Flywheel 8" Dia.
Described in "Model Engineer" Vol 144 - 146.

Durham & Northe Yorkshire

1" Scale Minnie

1" Scale Freelance Traction Engine. Described in
"Model Engineer" 1969 - 1970 By L. C. Mason.
The Finished Model Stands 11 1/4" High by 8 1/4"
Wide and 18" Long. Weighs Approx 26 LBS. All
Parts Can Be Machined On A 3 1/2" Lathe.
Rear Wheels Are 6" Dia.

1 inch Scale  Minnie

2" Scale Minnie

2" Scale Model Built By Doubling Up The 1" Minnie Drawings.
Model Stands Appro 22" High, 16" Wide And 36" Long.
The Rear Wheels Are 12" Dia.

2 inch Scale  Minnie

2" Scale Clayton Undertype Steam Wagon

2" Scale Clayton Undertype Steam Wagon.
Designed By Robin Dyer.

Clkayton Undertype

Ransomes Sims & Jefferies

Light Steam Tractor in 2" Scale.
Model Of 4NHP Light Compound Steam Tractor (Twin Cylinder)
Construction Described in "Model Engineer" Vol 143 - 144. Dimensions O/A Length 30", Height 20", Rear Wheels 9 5/16" Dia. Front Wheels 6" Dia. and Flywheel 6" Dia.
Designed By John Haining.

Ransomes Sims & Jeffries


This 2" Scale Fowler Ploughing Engine "Superba"
Based On The Class Z7S With Superba Variations.
Both Use Firth Radial Valve Gear. General Dimensions
Flywheel 9" Dia, Front Wheels 10 3/4" Dia, Rear Wheels 13 3/4" Dia. Patterns Are Based On Superba With Details Taken from The Original Drawings.