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Tools & Sundry Items

Drills:- Fractional,   Number, Metric & Centre.   Hand & Machine Reamers.
Taper Pin Reamers. End Mills. Slot Mills. Woodruff Cutters. Tee Slot Cutters
Dovetail Cutters.  Slitting Saws. HSS Lathe Tools.   Round HSS Tool Bits.
Square HSS Tool Bits. Carbide Tipped Lathe Tools. Taps & Dies. Knurles.
Knurling Tools. Engineers Squares.   Scrapers.  Dividers.    Diamond Dresser.
Arrand Test Bar.

Locomotive & Boiler Fittings. Injectors, Globe Valves, Hand Wheels, Vacuum & Pressure Gauges. Safty Valves, Cylinder Drain Cocks & Water Gauges. Check Valves. Lubricators, Whistles & Sirens 

Sievert Gas Burners, Hoses & Regulators.       Easyflo Silver Solder.    Easyflo Powder Flux.    Thesco "F" Paste.   Tenacity No5 Powder.   High Melting Point Lead Solder.    Solder Paint.    Bioler Insulation Material.   Sulpuric Acid.   

O-Rings.   Graphit Yarn.    Cylinder Drain Cocks.     Injector Steam Valves.    Hand Pumps. Globe Valves.   Gauge Glass.   Gaugr Glass Rubbers.   Pipe Union.    Pipe Bender.    Lubricators.   

Steam Oil.   Lathe Oil.   Cutting Fluids.    Loctite Products.   Marking Out Blue. Cold Blackit Chemical.   Kasenite Powder.  

Waterslide Transfers.    Lining Sheets.    Authentic Railway Colour Enamels  By Phoenix Paints.    Low-Tak Masking Tape.    Tak Rags.   Master Lining Pen.     Cresendo & "Badger" Airbrush Set.   Airbrush Propellant.    

Workshop Practice Series Books.    Construction Books.   Workshop Books. General Books.   Stuart Turner Books. Haynes Publishing Titles.   Videos.     

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